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Texas Small Business Association™, often called Texas SBA™, serves over 2.3 million Texas-registered firms. Membership is available to Texas-based and foreign-based organizations: Any small business can access business loans, government contracting, business certifications, international trade, and educational resources on this website.

Business Facts about Texas:
  • Small Business Ownership Represents Over 97% of all Texas Companies
  • Texas has the 2nd Largest State Economy in America
  • Texas Generates an Annual Economy of $1.6 Trillion
  • Texas Government Budget for 2016 - 2017 is $209 Billion
  • Texas State Agencies have $113 Billion for 2016 - 2017 General-Purpose Spending
  • Texas has the 4th Fastest Growth Rate for Woman Business Ownership
  • Texas is the World's 12th Largest Economy
  • Texas Has Over 90 Foreign Government Consulates
  • Texas Is the #1 State for U.S. Exports and Import Tonnage
  • Texas Has Over 25 U.S. Customs Ports of Entry
  • Texas Helps to Prevent Frivolous Lawsuits with "Loser Pays Tort Reform"
  • Texas Is a Right to Work State
  • Texas Has a 0% State Income Tax for Residents
  • Texas Business Franchise Tax Maximum Rate of 1%
  • Texas Has Daily Direct Flights to All 7 Continents
Owning a Small Business in Texas Can Be Your Path To
Financial Freedom, Personal Independence, and the American Dream

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