2016 - 2017 State of Texas Budget

The 84th Texas legislature has authorized a $209 Billion budget with $113 Billion available for general-purpose spending by over 200 State of Texas agencies and their offices during 2016 - 2017. Sources of state income are $109 Billion from taxes; $72.9 Billion from the U.S. federal government; and $39 Billion from fees, interest, and other income totalling $220.9 Billion according to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. In addition to our monetary might, the State of Texas has a perfect "AAA" credit rating which gives contractors and vendors confidence they will receieve payment for goods and services sold because the State of Texas honors her committments.

State of Texas Agency Expenditures for 2016

Below are just a few of the 200+ State of Texas agency budgets for use during 2016:
(NOTE: Amounts are Subject to Increase Daily.)

 Attorney General $137.4 Million
 Dept. of Aging and Disability $468.7 Million
 Dept. of Family and Protective $225.2 Million
 Dept. of State Health Services $303.5 Million
 Employees Retirement System $539.1 Million
 General Land Office $264.8 Million
 Texas Lottery Commission $72.0 Million
 Angelo State University $5.1 Million
 Cancer Prev. & Research Inst. $22.2 Million
 State Emergency Commun. $24.5 Million
 Comptroller of Public Accounts $2.6 Billion
 Assistive and Rehab. Srvs. $84.8 Million
 Family and Protective Srvs. $261.4 Million
 State Health Services $506.9 Million
 Prairie View A&M University $10.5 Million
 Public Comm./Junior Colleges $107.4 Million
 Public Utility Comm. of Texas $24 Million
 Railroad Comm. of Texas $16.3 Million
 Sam Houston State University $12.5 Million
 Texas A&M University $159.2 Million
 Texas Dept. of Transportation $1.3 Billion
 Texas Education Agency $5.2 Billion
 Texas Workforce Commission $107.8 Million
 Health and Human Services $2.9 Billion
 Parks and Wildlife Dept. $58.6 Million
 Teacher Retirement System $1.9 Billion
 Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice $634.8 Million
 Higher Ed. Coord. Board $287.9 Million
 Texas Historical Commission $7.4 Million
 Juvenile Justice Department $50.6 Million
 Texas Military Department $16.1 Million
 Public Finance Authority $243.7 Million
 Texas Veterans Commission $5.5 Million
 Texas Tech University $44.5 Million
 Water Development Board $21.5 Million
 Univesity of Texas $362.1 Million
 Alcoholic Bev. Commission $9.2 Million
 Housing and Community Affairs $38 Million
 Dept. of Motor Vehicles $35.2 Million
 Texas Facilities Commission $13.7 Million

State of Texas agencies are expected to spend $113 Billion during 2016 - 2017 on general-purpose spending which includes items such as travel, communications, printing, professional services, rentals, leases, repairs, maintenance, supplies, commodities, and other goods and services. With such a large budget- $209 Billion- it's virtually impossible to guess what purchases are being made by state agency offices. Get Registered for Texas government contracting and receive notifications from state agencies spending the $113 Billion or hire a Procurement Lobbyist to speak directly with government purchasing managers regarding the contract your organization seeks to win.

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