Bid Assistance for Texas Government Contracts

Submitting your bid for State of Texas government contracts can be confusing for many first-time vendors and even experienced contractors who do not consistently win prime contracts. We understand that bureaucratic procedures, regulations, and swift deadlines can place unnecessary stress on applicants and distract them from servicing their primary customer base. Therefore, Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office helps applicants compile their bids or proposals for a Texas government contract and explains the primary criteria utilized by Texas agencies when awarding prime and subcontracts. Bid Assistance Available.

Many methods of solicitation are utilized by Texas government agencies such as sealed bid, competitive bid, non-competitive bid, open market invitation for bids, invitation for bids (IFBs), request for proposals (RFPs), request for information (RFIs), request for offers (RFOs), and request for qualifications (RFQs) among other methods. Understanding how to formulate these responses is critical for eligibility with any error or oversight potentially negating your company's opportunity to compete for that particular government contract. With bid assistance from Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office your company can potentially mitigate common problems and ensure you remain eligible for Texas government contract award. Bid Assistance Available.

State of Texas legislators authorized a state budget of $209 Billion for 2016 - 2017 with $131 Billion marked for general-purpose spending by over 200+ state agencies and 2,000 local governments. Such economic power continuously attracts thousands of vendor bids and responses from companies worldwide seeking to sell their company's goods and services to at least one Texas state agency. Therefore, Texas government contracting can be a very competitive marketplace with huge profits available to companies awarded a prime or subcontract.
Bid Assistance Available.

Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office helps first-time and experienced contractors understand the procedures and methods used by state purchasing employees when awarding both prime and subcontracts.

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