Register for Texas Government Contracts

Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office registers Texas-based and multinational corporations to sell their company's goods and services to 200+ Texas state agencies and 2,000 local government purchasers.

The 84th Texas legislature has approved a State of Texas $209 Billion budget for 2016 - 2017 with $113 Billion available for general-purpose spending by over 200 state agencies. These monies will be spent by government employees purchasing various goods and services such as travel, communications, printing, professional services, rentals, leases, repairs, maintenance, supplies, and commodities. With such a large budget, it's virtually impossible to guess what purchases are being made by state agency offices and only registration as a Texas vendor will inform you about Texas procurement. Get Registered Today!

Who's Eligible for Registration

 Business Start-Ups
 Sole Proprietorships
 Woman Owned Firms
 Minority Owned Firms
 Veteran Owned Firms

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 Home-Based Businesses
 Texas-Based Corporations
 Out-of-State Corporations
 Non-United States Corporations
 Multinational Corporations

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Texas government spending represents a large portion of our $1.6 Trillion economy and is being collected by individuals, small businesses, and corporations who sell their goods or services to at least one Texas government agency. Procurement procedures are simple and straightforward to "win" a Texas government contract as detailed below:

Texas Government Purchasing Process

  1. 1. Government Need for Goods & Services
  2. 2. Government Purchasing Method Selected
  3. 3. Solicitation to Vendors (eg. email, mail, etc.)
  4. 4. Receipt & Evaluation of Bids from Vendors
  5. 5. Government Awards Contract to Vendor
  1. 6. Government Receives Goods & Services
  2. 7. Government Evaluates Vendor Performance
  3. 8. Government Pays Vendor for Contract
  4. 9. Use of Goods & Services by Texas Agencies

Texas government agencies are considered repeat customers and with a perfect "AAA" credit rating, vendors have confidence they will receive payment for goods and service sold. Get Registered Today!

1: Registration does not guarantee award of an State of Texas agency contract. View terms of service.

Benefits of Registration1

     Contracting Notifications
     24-Hour Online Vendor Access
     Vendor Training Programs
     Help Desk Support for Vendors
     State & Local Government Contracts
     Women & Minority Opportunities
     HUB Certification Guidance
          ($1.9 Billion Awarded in FY 2009)
     Vendor Identification Number
     Class & Item Numbering Guidance
     Texas Highway District Classification
     Info. Tech. Contracting Opportunities


Benefits of Contracting1

     Contracts Awarded Daily
     Prime Contracts & Subcontracts
     Contracts for Women & Minorities
     State & Local Government Contracts
     State Credit Rating of "AAA"
     Non-Competitive "Bid" Contracts
     Production Contracts Over $25,000
     Supplier Contracts Over $25,000
     Service Contracts Over $100,000
     Info. Tech. Contracting Opportunities

     Non-U.S. Companies are Eligible
     Out-of-State Companies are Eligible