International Trade

Texas Small Business Association™ is an active participant in the international trade arena by providing (1) financing, (2) brokerage services, and (3) trade assistance to both non-U.S. and Texas-based companies. Our services are not restricted by national boundaries nor are the contracts, grants, and loan guarantees awarded by the U.S. government. Texas SBA, Inc., is the association representing the Texas business community: State of Texas’ commercial activity of 1.7 million businesses creates a US $1 Trillion Gross National Product, making us the world’s 12th economy! Texas Small Business Association™ is “your partner,” introducing and trading your company’s goods and services either in the world’s 12th largest economy, or outside the U.S.A.

Why Export?

If you are selling only in your domestic market, you are not achieving the “full potential” of your small business! Exporting enables your business to diversify its customer base and sources of sales revenue, which insulates you and your business against periods of slower growth in the domestic economy. At the same time, it accelerates your success by gaining sales in “boom markets” overseas, or outside the U.S.A.

Benefits of Exporting

  • 95% of consumers of American goods live outside of USA
  • 90% of USA Exporter Operate from a single (1) location
  • Texas-based Companies Export to 200 Countries
  • Texas Ports Handle 50% of all USA Imports and Exports
  • 100% of Supplier Costs for an Export Transaction
  • Rising Foreign Incomes Create Strong Foreign Demand
  • Changes in Exchange Rates
  • Foreign tariffs and communications costs have fallen.

Exporting your company’s goods and services, or importing your company’s inputs (supplies, inventory, support) may increase sales, while lowering costs.

Why Import?

Many reasons exist why to import goods and services with the most important being, “How much profit can I make from this imported good or service?” Other reasons may be “lack of availability” in your domestic market or the “prestige” of an imported service or product coming from distant shores. Regardless the reason, conducting business in the world’s 12th largest economy, Texas, or selling your Texas-based product or service to the remaining 97% of the world’s populace is simply, “intellilgent business.”

Typcially businesses, individuals, and governments export goods and services that they can produce inexpensively and import those goods and services that are produced more efficiently offshore. Texas Small Business AssociationSM provides financing for your Non-Texas buyers to purchase Texas goods and services: Texas Small Business AssociationSM provides financing for your Texas-based company to export your goods and services to foreign countries.

Texas Companies

  • Export Working Capital Financing for Stand-by Letters of Credit
  • Import Financing
  • Pre-Export Financing for Labor & Materials
  • Purchasing Finished Products for Export
  • Revolving Export Working Capital Loans

Non-U.S.A. Companies

  • Invoice Factoring
  • Export Financing
  • Import Financing
  • Pre-Export Financing for Labor, Supplies, & the Production of Export Goods
  • Lease Financing

Fixed-rate loans are available to your creditworthy international buyers, both private and government sector, for purchases of Texas goods and services.

Applying for your loan before finalizing an export sale or contract will give you greater flexibility in negotiating export payment terms. This will also ensure that adequate financing will be in place when the export order is won. Get Financed Now.

U.S. Government Assistance

Texas SBA, Inc., is a “loan packager” of U.S. Small Business Administration loans and guarantee programs. The United States of America government does provide loans to both non-U.S.A. and Texas-based businesses conducting international trade with each other. As a “loan packager,” Texas SBA, Inc., submits applications for U.S. government loans and guarantees on your behalf. Apply for a U.S. Government Loan, Contract, and Grant.