Vendor Lobbyist for Texas Government Contracts

Our Texas government budget is $209 Billion for 2016 - 2017 with $131 Billion marked for general-purpose spending by 200+ state agencies. This economic power attracts thousands of vendor bids and responses from companies worldwide seeking to sell their company's goods and services to at least one Texas state agency. Such competition can be intense in the world's 12th largest economy of $1.6 Trillion- Texas- and may require the use of a lobbyist to speak directly with State of Texas purchasing managers regarding the contract your company seeks to win.  Schedule a Consultation.

While many are familiar with legislative lobbying where "government insiders" work closely with politicians in creating, changing, or repealing laws, the general public is not aware that lobbying for government contracts is also a legally recognized form of advocacy. Vendor lobbyists communicate directly with state purchasing managers and their offices attempting to influce their decisions in the awarding of State of Texas government contracts with the specific objective being your company's financial benefit. Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office has direct access and established relationships with all State of Texas agencies for the benefit of both state government personnel and the Texas business community.  Discuss the Benefits of Texas Vendor Lobbying.

Vendor lobbying involves legally recognized "persons of influence" discussing the award of a Texas government contract to a specific company or client while receiving financial compensation. Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office is available to represent your company's sealed bid, competitive bid, non-competitive bid, open market invitation for bids, invitation for bids (IFBs), request for proposals (RFPs), request for information (RFIs), request for offers (RFOs), and request for qualifications (RFQs) from the stages of formulation through contract award.

Texas SBA™ State Affairs Office vendor lobbying services are available for State of Texas contracts in the following denominations:

  • Contracts Under $100,000
  • Contracts Under $1 Million
  • Contracts Under $10 Million
  • Contracts Over $10 Million

Benefit from the influence and relationships maintained by Texas SBA™ when competing for Texas government contracts in this $131 Billion marketplace.